Dustless Wet Blast Systems

Wetblast-ManWetblast injector systems add the dust-suppressing power of water to any blast machine with a pump-driven system that injects water into the abrasive stream before it exits the nozzle.



Our Wetblast system quickly cleans structural steel to any degree of cleanliness from brush-off to white metal. After blasting, the water-and-air rinse removes soluble salts and other corrosives that can cling to the surface. If flash rust is a problem, the pump can siphon clean water from a static-holding tank that contains a premixed rust inhibitor solution to retard rust development on exposed steel.  Download our Dustless Wetblast Brochure.

Glass-Action-Logo-1Recommended crushed glass abrasive designed for use in Wetblast systems!


High performance crushed glass abrasive with White Lightning aluminum oxide.  Increased blast performance and reduced blast cycles.