Automated Robotics

Pulsar 3P-iR with Integral Robotics

The ZERO Automated Pulsar 3P-iR is a pressure blast cabinet for today’s demanding manufacturing environments. It incorporates the state-of-the-art in robotic controls for nozzle manipulation providing perfectly repeatable blasting of parts of all geometries and meets the strictest standards for automotive, aerospace, medical, and other industry applications. Additional robotic options include pick-and-place robotics for easy loading and unloading, and a vision package for automatically detecting even the most minor part defect.

The cabinet is mounted on a steel base that is easily lifted and moved into position. The separate power module pro-videos arrangement flexibility to suit the work space and work flow. Note: Similar robotic equipment can be factory installed on other cabinet models to accommodate any application.

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Indexing Turntable Machines
Think of the BNP A-200 and A-205 indexing turntable machines as painters’ canvasses, ready to be transformed into your vision of an automated blast system. The basic BNP A-200 comes with six rotating satellites in a four-feet by four-feet by five-feet tall cabinet. You can select computer controls, extra satellites and blast guns, suction or pressure blast system, oscillating arms, and other options to create the perfect automated cabinet for your application.

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Special Automation

ZERO’s Special Automated Cabinets are designed to suit your application — from the size of the enclosure to parts handling and process controls that integrate seamlessly with your existing system. Choose from indexing turntable machines, a wide variety of belt-, roller-, and chain conveyor machines, monorails and robotic systems. Contact your Distributor to learn more about how a ZERO automated system can enhance your production capabilities.

Alpha 1
The ALPHA 1 is the first blasting robot that does not need to be programmed.
It builds its own blasting plan by scanning its surroundings using an onboard 3D camera.

  1. Position
  2. Scan
  3. Blast

The ALPHA 1 brings with it exceptional value in three areas.

You are able to remove the operator from the blast environment. This significantly reduces workers exposure to hazards like toxic dust, noise, and repetitive motion injuries inherent in the blasting process.

You will use less labor to do more work. A single operator can supervise the use of multiple blasting robots that can be run 24/7.

The accuracy, speed and control of the blast nozzle cannot be matched by even the most experienced blasters.

With this new technology comes the opportunity for incredible competitive advantage: job site safety and project efficiency. Applications with the greatest potential ROI include bridges, confined spaces, tanks, shipyards, and blast rooms.

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Automation Kits
A-250 Automation Kit
The A-250 kit includes a variable speed rotating fixture and one rack-mounted automatic blast gun. This simple automation accessory can be installed in almost any cabinet and removed when not needed. Perfect for short runs and sample processing.

A-300 Automation Kit
The A-300 automation kit increases the versatility of your BNP 220 blast cabinet, yet still allows manual processing. The A-300 kit – available for factory or field installation – replaces the left door of the standard cabinet.

The kit includes two variable-speed DC motors – one for the turntable, the other for satellite rotation. Each of the four satellites holds up to 25 pounds, including part and any required fixturing.

Optional satellite fixtures can be designed to fit your part or fabricate them in your shop as the need arises. The rubber-curtained vestibules allow parts/fixture combinations of up to 9 inches tall by 6 inches wide.

Applications for the A-300 include cleaning and finishing a variety of automotive parts (from engine valves to caliper cups), peening aircraft turbine blades, cleaning small electric motor cores, and etching printer rollers.

With optional special fixtures and masking, an A-300 automation kit lets you thoroughly etch handgun parts prior to plating, selectively etch logos and lettering into glass bottles, even deburr and finish plastic tool bodies.